Reek Your Unique Something

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If you’re a brand, not a bland, then you stand for a unique something.

And if you’re a brand, not a bland, then you not only stand for a unique something, but you reek that something in everything you do and everything you say. That unique something is what you’re always trying to represent.

What is your unique something?

Have the answer? Good. Now look at how you’re representing that something to all audiences. At every turn and twist of their experience with you, do they walk away with a stench of that simple idea?

No? Uh oh. That’s a problem.

In branding, you want your big idea to leave a stench. You want everyone who’s important to you to know exactly what they can expect from you, what they can count on when they interact with you.

Do you stand for reliability? Then everything you say and do must reek reliability.

Do you stand for innovation? Then everything you say and do must reek innovation.

You get the idea.

Determine the unique something you stand for and then make sure it’s reflected in every aspect of the experiences others have with you.

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2 responses to “Reek Your Unique Something

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  2. A great post. Having a remarkable product or service and leveraging what is indeed remarkable about it will cut out from the clutter, and resonate those all important qualities of authenticity and trustworthiness in the consumersphere.

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