Volkswagen’s Great/Good Campaign: Great, Good, or Less than Good?

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Great. For the price of good. That’s Volkswagen’s new theme line in support of its launch of the 2011 Jetta.

What do you think  of the Great/Good campaign theme? Great? Good? Less than good? That’s my question for this installment of this blog’s Brand Champ or Chump series, the first that I’ve run in quite a while.

I say VW’s got a winner here. Why? Well, I believe the vast majority of car buyers want the best car they can possibly afford. We’ve entered the age of new frugality, says Scott Burgess with The Detroit News. Car buyers are spending more carefully than ever before, even luxury buyers. Everyone wants to think they are making the smartest possible choice.

VW’s Great/Good theme line lends itself very well to this market environment. Plus, VW can pull it off because it counts quality German engineering and high technology as brand attributes.

For VW, putting value in the front seat to support its launch of the 2011 Jetta is a strategy, I believe, that will appeal to car shoppers.

See the execution for yourself.

You can learn more about the Great/Good campaign over at the Yahoo! Advertising Blog, which features an interview with Mike Sheldon, CEO of Deutsch LA.

If you think the Great/Good campaign theme is a winner (champ) or a loser (chump), sound off. I’d love to hear other takes on it.

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2 responses to “Volkswagen’s Great/Good Campaign: Great, Good, or Less than Good?

  1. I don’t belive you should tell a consumer to buy something without telling them why they should buy it. This sounds like a retail promotion without a branding campaign to back it up. Weak. Then there’s the whole, “is this brand specific?” question. Can this retail promo positioning be used exclusively by VW? No.

    • Hi ej… thanks for sharing your thoughts, definitely discussion starters! I see it a bit differently than you. I see the Great/Good theme line as a value proposition in itself… especially when you consider how price conscious auto consumers are today. I see VW giving a reason for consumers to place the 2011 Jetta on their radar screen. VW is the first to articulate this positioning and they do it a unique way. I also think their brand is well placed in the pack of manufacturers to come out with a positioning like this.

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